SZ 33mm F1.2 MF E

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Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 lens for Fuji X and Sony E (APS-C) camera mounts. The SZ series offering a range of exciting products…

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Tokina is proud to present the Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 lens for FUJI X and Sony E (APS-C) mount cameras. The Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 is an ultra fast, manual focus standard prime lens designed exclusively for APS-C size mirrorless cameras.

The main concept of the Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 lens is to provide a lens for an affordable price but with a superb bokeh and great low-light performance designed for photographers and videographers in mind.

33mm focal length (50mm in full frame) equals to a standard angle of view that allows this lens to be used in a wide range of genres like landscapes, street snap, portrait and nightscape photography.

Compared to the existing Tokina atx-m 33mm F1.4, the Tokina SZ 33mm F1.2 is faster and adopts a manual focus and aperture to realize a more attractive price and to make this lens more functional in video production.