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The SIRUI P-325FS – and larger P-325FL – are advanced photo/video monopods that combine functions of monopods, extension rods, and tabletop tripods into a whole. The innovative modular design and flip-lock mechanism are going to provide you with more convenience and creative opportunities.

The carbon fiber structure gives the P-325FS monopod a weight of only 1,17 kg which is 21% lighter than previous models from SIRUI. Weighing about the same as a mirrorless camera, this monopod delivers great portability during outdoor shoots.

Modular Design
The monopod features a unique modular design. Four modules, including the mounting plate, main tube section, tripod foot, rubber foot, can be detached and combined freely to form a monopod, an extension rod, or a tabletop tripod.

Quick Release System
The quick-release system has a distinct advantage over the locking knob system. Pull down the top/bottom quick release sleeve to detach modules in a quick and easy way. Quick release platform diameter:60mm

Flip Lock Mechanism
The monopod is divided into 5 sections via 4 flip locks. Boasting a user-friendly design, shooters should feel fairly comfortable and easy using the flip locks. Open all flip locks with just a single hand to adjustthe monopod from the minimum height to the maximum height. Thanks to flip locks, deploying a monopod becomes pretty quick and easy. Retract leg tubes and close all flip locks with a single hand to get a compact camera support.

Quick Leveling
Two bubble levels on the base allow you to always keep the monopod in good balance even when you are doing highly mobile outdoor shoots.

Rotatable Ring
The ring is 360° rotatable with built-in damping, so it can be rotated to the desired position and won’t turn around easily. Unlike other rings, this ring comes with an opening that allows the strap to be removed easily.

Use the ball locking knob to adjust the friction of the ball. Loosen the ball locking knob and tilt the monopod 36° in any direction to get a lot of movements.

Great Performance in Extreme Weather
The monopod will never let you down whether in bitter cold or scorching heat (-40°C~100°C).

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P325FS519 / 32570 / 1400455 / 12951,1710
P325FL519 /32630 / 1700515 / 15951,2010
P424FS425 / 36650 / 1600540 / 14901,2012
P424FL425 / 36730 / 1900610 / 17901,2512