Head K-10II

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The Sirui K-10KX ball head is an extremely sturdy head with control knobs for pan, tilt, and tension, plus an Arca-style clamp for…

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The Sirui K-10KX ball head is an extremely sturdy head with separate control knobs for pan and tilt, plus an Arca-style clamp for the included quick-release plate. The friction-control knob, integrated into the ball-locking knob, allows the operator to adjust the resistance of the ball’s movement

The ball locks down extremely tightly thanks to the double-bevel locking system which allows support of cameras up to 20 kg and safe 90° tilting for portrait orientation. The quick-release clamp features a secondary release button that prevents any inadvertent disengagement of the camera/plate from the clamp, thereby adding to the head’s overall security and stability.

Three separate controls (pan, tilt and lock) allow a photographer to exercise extremely fine control over the orientation of the camera, whether it’s a DSLR, 35mm, medium-format camera, or even a camcorder. Pan, for instance, can be adjusted while the tilt stays locked, enabling precise movement that’s measurab