Face Mask 3-layer (EN-14683 Type I) 50pcs

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EN-14683 Type 1 Face Mask

Produced as per standard EN-14683, it is designed to prevent the wearer from spreading droplets in the vicinity. It also protects the wearer from droplets produced by a person directly in front of them. However, depending on the circumstances, it does not protect from inhaling the very small particles suspended in the air that potentially carry the virus.

Type I: bacteria filtering effectiveness > 95%.

LyncMed European Professional Series 3 layer Surgical Disposable Face Masks is the preferred brand of Medical Practitioners due to its high quality. The brand is CE Certified, FDA approved, and manufactured using the strictest ISO standards. LyncMed Disposable Face Masks are made using specialized melt-blown fabric technology that allows it to have an effective filtration system while making it breathable for the user.

Recognized worldwide, LyncMed is a trusted brand for medical grade disposable face masks. LyncMed Disposable Face Masks have the following features: Preferred by Medical Practitioners, Exported to Europe, CE Approved – conforms to health, safety, and environmental protection standards of the European Economic Area, Melt-blown non-woven specialized technology filter for maximum protection, Medical Grade.

One box contains 50 pcs.