Mix Wand 18 II

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Power: 18W
Power source:DC 7.2V-15V
Sony NP-F series battery; Panasonic CGR-D series battery
CRI: Ra: 95
Color temperature: 3200K-5600K
5600K 30°SMD LED: 1m-2770Lux; 2m-806Lux; 3m-376Lux
3200K 30° SMD LED: 1m-22380Lux; 2m-695Lux; 3m-323Lux
5600K 45° LED Bulb: 1m-1700Lux; 2m-470Lux; 3m-213Lux
3200K 45° LED Bulb: 1m-·1490Lux; 2m-403Lux; 3m-188Lux
RED Flat LED: 1m-342Lux; 2m-601Lux; 3m-178Lux
GREEN Flat LED: 1m-93Lux; 2m-161Lux; 3m-47Lux
BLUE Flat LED: 1m-43Lux; 2m-741Lux; 3m-22Lux
Size of Product(MM): 592*63*36?8mm
Weight of Product(G): 1kg/2.2lb