Cinema 25-75mm T2.9 (PL)

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The new lens is a small size ground-up true cinema design featuring a compact 174mm overall length, industry standard 0.8 MOD cinema gears,…

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The new 25-75mm T2.9 is designed to cover super35+ type sensors up to 36mm image circle size. The larger 36mm image circle enables native coverage of RED Helium 8K, RED Dragon 6K, RED Monstro 6K, Alexa LF in 4K UHD, as well as popular cinema and mirrorless cameras from Canon, Blackmagic Design, and Panasonic in 4K DCI or 4K UHD.

When paired with the Tokina Cinema 1.6x Expander for PL or EF mount versions, the lens becomes a compact size 40-120mm T4.2 that covers Full Frame and Vista Vision 6K and 8K size sensors.

The 25-75mm is designed to match the mechanical and optical properties of the popular Tokina Cinema 50-135mm T2.9 MKII and 11- 20mm T2.9 zoom lenses. The 25-75mm retains optical design features similar to the 11-20mm T2.9 and 50-135mm T2.9 MKII including parfocal design to retain focus while zooming, limited focus breathing, and low distortion.


Focal Distance25-75mm
Zoom Ratio3.0 : 1
Optical Structure15groups  18 Elements
Image CircleΦ36.0mm
Minimum Focus Distance0.74m(2.43ft)
Maximum Macro Magnification1:7.89
Aperture/Iris Blades9
Depth of FieldT2.9 – T22 (F2.8 – F22)
Filter SizeΦ86mm P=1.0
Overall Length173.5mm173.4mm196.9mm199.1mm
(from mounted surface)(159.8mm)(167.9mm)(192.7mm)(193.9mm)
Diameter of Front HeadΦ95mm
Maximum DiameterΦ97.6mm
Weight1.96Kg (PL)