67.0MM HD nano MkII CIR-PL

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More than just hard glass.


HD nano Mk II CIR-PL coatings have the advantage of being the hardest, scratch & stain resistant coatings available from any manufacturer. Over time normal filter coatings can be easily damaged by repeated cleanings by wiping with too much force or abrasive cleaning cloths. The HD nano Mk II coating are 200% harder for increased longevity and greater protection.


HD nano Mk II CIR-PL high transparency polarizing film has 25% better light transmission than standard polarizing film used in current photographic filters. This translates to nearly 1/2 stop more light entering the lens while yielding the same polarization effect, maintain color balance of a standard circular polarizer while improving contrast and clarity.

Polarizing filters filter out unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water and glass as well as light that is reflected off moisture and pollution in the atmosphere, which is how they can create beautiful deep blue skies. You can seen the effect happening before your eyes as you rotate the filter. In addition to bluer skies, the filter reduces reflections, yields greener foliage in scenery and better clarity and contrast in your pictures.


Ultra-Hard nano Coating

  • New 16 layer (both sides) ultra-smooth, ultra-hard nano coating created by a proprietary application process
  • Ultra-hard surface coatings are 200% more scratch resistant than original standard optical coatings while increasing light transmission
  • Stain resistant, water & oil repellent coating makes everyday maintenance easier

HD Polarizing Film

  • 25% Greater Light Transmission than standard polarizing film for nearly 1/2 stop more light
  • High Transparency Film has high durability and UV absorbing properties

HD Frame

  • Very thin frame with front threads to attach lens caps and other filters
  • High pressure press mount technology holds glass securely

The HD nano Mk II CIR-PL filter is using high transmission polarizing film, creates a picture that can be recognized clearly by a better contrast and clarity. This effect enables a fast shutter speeds. The filter will not affect the overall color balance of the shot.