55.0MM,PRO ND FILTER KIT 8/64/1000

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The HOYA PROND filter kit contains these 3 ND filters: Highlighted features:

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The choice of ND filters depends on intentions of the photographer to control the shutter speed or aperture. The content of the HOYA PROND FILTER KIT is based on our sales data and experience of selling millions of ND filters all over the world. PROND8, PROND64 and PROND1000 are the most essential ND filters that will help to realize three expressions that we consider to be commonly used among the photographers.

HOYA PROND FILTER is a high technological product that is designed for still and HDSLR videography. The PROND filters use HOYA’s exclusive clear optical glass that incorporates a metallic coating on front and back side to equally reduce almost all range of the light spectrum even in IR area. The ACCU-ND technology used in the coating process yields a truly neutral color balance that will not add any noticeable color cast to your images. HOYA PROND filters incorporates precisely developed thick aluminum frame to prevent light leakage, thus obtain correct exposure and co