Zoom Micro Scope STV-120M

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A 60 to 120x zoom power handheld microscope with LED light. The micro world is full of wonders to be discovered in the…

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Let’s have a look at the wonders of the micro world!

The micro world is full of wonders to be discovered, but there’s really no need to go far. Just try to place this portable microscope on the palm of your hand and switch on the LED light to see something you’ve never seen before.

With a 60 to 120 x zoom power, you can change the magnifying power according to the object you would like to see.

The built-in LED light makes it easier to see your target object in every situation by lighting it up! Making use of a dry cell battery, you can carry it every time you need without worrying about charging batteries.

It’s so handy and easy to use you can try it on everything. An orange skin in your kitchen, a leaf in your garden, or for those with a strong stomach, the bacteria swimming in a drop of mud caught in a slide.

Provided with both a zoom ring and a focusing ring, you will be able to focus on the object and further zoom on it for a vivid and enlarged image of the object not visible to the naked eyes. Anything you have seen will never been the same as before.