Mega battery 28V*2.15V.1232WH three DC output simultaneous

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FX-HP-7224 PLUS Multifunctional High Power Li-ion Battery

Using high power li-ion battery for electronic vehicle, high working current. The battery works great in cold weather. Power 60% available under -30 degrees. much more efficient than regular li-ion battery.

Li-ion battery. optimal energy and volume ratio, working current up to 40A max. Portable power solution for high power lighting and film gears. Protection chips for high power battery.

Intelligent PCB design for over-heat, over-charge, over-discharge, and over-current protection. Chargeable li-ion battery, without memory effect

  • Working temperature: -30~+55 degrees
  • Capacity: 43.6Ah /1232Wh
  • Output 1/2: 28V/30A