Electronic Signatures

General Information


Electronic Signatures, or eSignatures for short, allow for faster, easier, and paperless signing of electronic documents. eSignatures help you cut the paperwork and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. ApproveMe’s eSignature tool is eIDAS, UETA and ESIGN compliant and it allows you to you to send, sign, and track legally binding documents.

We use the plugin offered by ApproveMe called WP eSignature to provide strict compliant eSignature functionality. WP eSignature is complaint to eSigning regulations such as the requirement to be tamper proof, encrypted and using SSL security.

E-Signature Laws

eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU regulation on/a set of standards for electronic identification. More commonly in EU countries with stronger traditions of formalities, a statute may require a particular kind of signature. Usually such a requirement will be framed by reference to one of the more technically sophisticated kinds of signature (advanced or qualified) defined in the eIDAS Regulation. Many countries have passed legislation that recognizes the legality of eSignatures. The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the EU have all passed legislation that allows for eSigned documents to be legally binding.

Security & Privacy

Contract Encryption

All eSignatures, field data and contract content is encrypted and saved on our own server. No data is passed between third parties.

Tamper Resistance

When data has been tampered with our system will automatically redirect documents to an information page and alert all parties associated that the document has been altered.

Security using SSL

WP eSignature enforces secure SSL signing on all of our online contracts.

Document / Signer ID numbers

Each Document and Signer have their own custom generated signer ID. These details and along with your ip address is affixed to the auto-generated audit trail for each signed contract.

No Saved Images of eSignatures

eSignatures are encrypted and only the mouse strokes of the signature are stored. The image of the eSignature will never be stored on our server.

Audit Trail and Serial Numbers

Once a document is completed a unique serial number gets generated and affixed to the audit trail contents then it is emailed to all signatory parties. If any data that is located in the audit trail is manipulated or altered, the unique serial number will be automatically updated. Documents can be verified using the unique serial number.d).

ApproveMe has spent years creating a proprietary online contract signing platform that adheres to the very strict eIDAS, UETA and ESIGN international and national contract signing regulations.